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Data sheets

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Solenoid Valves GEM A
GEVA 80 Operator GEVA80
Pilot Operated 2/2 GEM 1
Pilot Operated 2/2 GEM 2
Pilot Assisted Diaphragm Control Valve GEVA 80B
Pilot Assisted Diaphragm Control Valve GEVA 80S
Plastic 2/2 Way Solenoid Valves for Liquid and Gaseous Media PLASTIC 2/2A
Plastic 2/2 Way Solenoid Valves for Liquid and Gaseous Media PLASTIC 2/2B
Namur 3/2 Way Solenoid Valve NAMUR 3/2
Namur 5/2 Way Solenoid Valve NAMUR 5/2
Solenoid Valves Pilot Operated GEM S
Diaphragm Valves Pilot Operated GEM D
Namour Solenoid Valves 3 way for spring return actuation GEM N
Multi-zone Controller AC MULTI ZONE 1
Mult -zone Controller DC MULTI ZONE 2
G75 Pilot valve G75 PILOT
G75 Latch Coils G75 LATCH 1
G75 Latch Coils Wiring Drivers G75 LATCH 2
G75 Hydraulic Relays G75 HYDRAULIC R
G75 – S type G75-S
G75 Hydraulic Valves G75 HYDRAULIC V
G75 Hydraulic options G75 HYDRAULIC O
BLS-02 Level Switches BLS-02
BLS-06 FInger Load Switches BLS-06
Drum Level Controls DRUM LEVEL
Pressure Swtich PDPA PDPA
Pressure Switch PSA/PSF PSA/PSF
Pressure Switch CFIS CFIS
Pressure Switch PDCA PDCA PDCA2
Pressue Switch PSAH PSAH
Pressue Switch PDA/PDF PDA
Pressue Switch PMLA/PM PMLA
Pressue Switch PSHA PSHA
Pressue Switch PMHA PMHA
Pressue Switch PMHA PMHA2
Differential Pressure Switch DDPGS DDPGS
Differential Pressue Switch PJDA PJDA PJDA1
PSP/5/12 Water Pump PDCA PDCA2
Pressure Switch PHDA PHDA
Vacuum Switch VDMA VDMA
Vacuum Switch PMVA PMVA
Vacuum Switch PVPA PVPA
Temperature Switch PDTF PDTF
Boiler Stat Temperature Switch BTC1
Flow Switch Paddle Type VH
EZview Flow Meter (Low Cost) EZ View
Lake Monitors Sharp edged orifice Plate Type LAKE MONITORS
BFS25 Flow switch BSF25
Plastic Flowmeters PLASTIC FLOW
GC Cylinder actuated glove valve GC VALVES
NEW Erecta Float Switch System BLC
NEW Erecta Flow Switch System BFS
Globe Cylinder Operated GC VALVES
Globe Cylinder Operated Plastic GC PLASTIC
PDTF Series Temperature Switch PDTF
BPG Pressure Gauges BPG
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