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Temperature Control

therm1 Bimetal Temperature Measuring Instruments

304 stainless steel construction.
Rustproof – Dustproof – Leakproof
Hermetically sealed.
External recalibration adjustment.
Anti-parallax dial.
Accurate to ±1% of scale range.
Two types of Bimetal Thermometers are available, “Back Connected” and “Every Angle” thus ensuring that all application requirements can be satisfied. Baccara offer an extensive variety of standard stem lengths and, upon request, can arrange the building of models to your specifications with stem lengths up to 72″ long. Temperature ranges from -100° F to 1000°F and -50°C to 500°C may be measured with an accuracy of 1% of full scale on all bi-metal thermometers.Sanitary versions with a replaceable bimetal element are available on request. The bimetal element is replaced by the simple action of removing the element and saving the case – as easily performed as changing batteries in a flashlight. Range or scale changes are readily accomplished. The Sanitary Thermometers have hermetically sealed cases and plexiglass covers which are held in place by a quick-lock, cam-action bezel ring. A heavy, heat-resistant gasket seals out moisture and prevents icing and freeze-up of helix.
Baccara supply Electronic Temperature Monitors with switching facilities suitable for a wide range of applications and also offer expert advice on the installation of temperature measuring instruments specifically designed for applications involving high pressure or corrosive media.

TA7(72_72)_1_2_1_1_1_1_1 TA-4 Digital Display & Temperature Controller

High performance in compactness
Optional Alarm Function
Easy-to-view LED display
Various output types
Manual reset for eliminating offset
Easy installation
Setting accuracy within ±1% of display
Current output 4 – 20mA DC
Single or Dual Set Points
Temperature Range 0-199°C or 0-399°C


PDTF2_1 PDTF Series Temperature Switch


70°F to 285°F (20°C to 140°C)
Withstands Acceleration to 8G
Small Capillary for harsh applications

PDTF Series is a factory set temperature switch for the protection of all types of internal combustion engines, pumps, compressors, gear boxes, hydraulic reservoirs, marine and industrial power plants. Model PDTF will withstand acceleration to 8G. Its compact and rugged construction allows it to be mounted in the toughest OEM applications.

The PDTF utilizes a liquid filled capillary to sense temperature changes. The liquid expands as the temperature increases causing the capillary pressure to increase


  RTD temperature sensors

Calibration: PT100 2 & 3 Wire Class A
Standard Insertion Length: 100mm (4″)
Baccara can supply non-standard insertion lengths upon request.
Din 43650 Plug for Electrical connections IP65 Rating
Measuring Range -70 to +400C
Baccara can supply and advise on a range of accessories including connectors and extension cables.

image001 TP04
Loop Powered Temperature Transmitter

150mm stem 0 – 200CCompact Design Resistance Thermometer for Low to medium Pressure applications
PT 100 ohm Sensor with 4 – 20 ma output